Stratfield Lodge has been a family owned business since 1997. The Home aims to provide a personalised service to our residents with emphasis on a supportive family environment encouraging individual aspirations. Day to day management is implemented by family members Ernest, Linda, James and Miriama Pickering. Ernest and Linda have 21 years’ experience as Care Home operators and James and Miriama have worked in the Care Sector for 10 years.  The family’s vision, and desire to provide the very best has created a homely residential dwelling whilst also fostering an ethos of professional excellence in meeting the complex needs of their clients.


James is the Registered Manager of the Home.

Miriama is the Care Manager and is ultimately responsible for ensuring that residents care needs are met and their full potential reached.


Dawid Maryniak is the Home Manager who is supported by a 25 strong Care team. The services of a hairdresser, chiropodist, aroma therapist and optician are available as required. 

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